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Philosophy //

Constant changes that take place in sport and competing context and the bigger and bigger demands to get success need the progression and improvement of the athletes, so there is a necessity of an adequate working plan and management. Tools and ideas have to be developed in an appropriate methodology that takes into account the principal actor that is the athlete. And Cycling 2.0 is a concept that tries to put in clear what we must avoid and what we should do as a philosophy to be involved in a real coaching process.

​​​​​What is not Cycling 2.0?

Cycling 2.0 must avoid what we recognize as Cycling 1.0 that is represented in the following sentences: "don't ask, just do it", "I tell you, you do it", "there is no need of explanations, I am who knows everything", "I don't pay you to think", "I do it, Because others do", "no new things, please, It is all right as always", "It has been done like this for ages, so it is good", and so on.

Who is Cyclist 2.0?

This is a concept that first avoids the previous concepts of tradition based in repetition, that tries to make a collaborative work in which the center is the Cyclist. So, Cycling 2.0 is based on Team work, that means a collaborative work between the cyclist, coach, physiotherapist, Team Manager, Doctor or psychologist. This is the same team in which there is a common interest: the best performance of the cyclist.
The team works in an integrated way; it is not an addition of parts, the information flows and is much easy to get the right answers.


Principles of Cycling 2.0

All of the members, specially the cyclist, own the same principles of action:

  • The need to be better

  • Curiousness, learning and teaching as a constant attitude

  • Collaborative Team working

  • Multidirectional communication

  • Participation on the training plan and process where the cyclist is the     main character

  • Awareness of the latest advances and technologies in the field, trust in real science!

  • Knowledge and understanding of what it is being doing, being sure of what it is going on and why

  • Systematic, controlled, and regular work

  • Fair play, ride clean without doping

This is the best prescription to get your best!!! And we are here to facilitate you this process.

"Full of mud, but clean" //