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What we do? //



We are COACHES based in the Cycling 2.0 concept, and we develop specific programs for individual professional cyclists or teams. 


We come from the real competition with years of top experience and success, always close to the best cyclists. Are you the next?

Coaching is closely related to Cycling 2.0 concept. We are not just physical trainers or managers, we pretend to let the athlete taking out all the best, being autonomous step by step and growing as a complete athlete. We use our experience in Coaching to treat each person as an individual, with the own strengths and weaknesses. We try to show the way, we make everything easier, but using the most recent advances in the science of training and coaching: Heart Rate Variability, Neuromuscular assessment, biomechanics and ergonomic, power training, Perception of effort, blood analyses to get the black box of the airplane. 


We have been coaching world and Olympic champions of different disciplines, so we are not afraid of working with the best. We like the challenge! 




We trust in Science, we study others contributions, but we also make our own specific research in the field of cycling and triathlon. CRC is based on research to get the best answers for your specific questions. We can find scientific explanations and practical applications with and for you. The aim of CRC is to develop and promote Cycling 2.0 by means of innovative and quality research focused on cycling. It is not just about biomechanics, ergogenic aids or physiology, but also about psychosocial aspects like Doping related attitudes or psychological issues. We want to develop Cycling 2.0 in an integrated way, and so we need to act. 


Our specific objectives are:


  • To promote investigation focused on cycling

  • To spread the latest knowledge coming from science of cycling

  • To develop our own specific investigation focused on cycling


These are the reasons why we created the 




We can arrange all you need in a concentrate experience. Training camps are developed for groups or professional teams that want everything organized in the best places for riding, with specific routes, high quality feeding, scientific assessment (biomechanics or physiology), or formation (i.e. about nutrition, power training). Just ask us and we will design your full experience!

In training Camps we can develop widely all our potential: we can make specific and individual assessment (physiology, psychology, training or biomechanics), offer special training programs in the best environment, formation activities in demanded topics, as well as a social and cultural offer to enjoy at the time working is being performed. Because in life we should enjoy all we could!


Where can be developed the CRC Training Camps?

  • South of Spain: Almería (Cabo de Gata, Almería), Málaga (Marbella, Estepona), Granada (Sierra Nevada).

  • South-west of Spain: Alicante (Altea, Calpe).

  • Also other requested destinations if possible.


Currently exclusive working with:






We do believe that everybody needs to know what and why is doing something. The Pedagogical Principle is understood as an ordinary Training Principle like overreaching or specificity.


We are already teaching

specific contents about

biomechanics, nutrition,

power training to coaches,

cyclists, team managers,

or also at a university

PhD level.


We are teaching in the following cycling specific contexts:


Federative courses: level I and II in territorial level, but also to get the UCI license. All the Spanish team managers of the latest 6 years have been taught by us in topics like Training plans, Power Training, Hipoxic training, Track cycling, Mountain Bike, Doping and ergogenic aids, management, or Biomechanics.


Congresses: we are often invited to present open lectures in national and international congresses and forums, also in sports like Triathlon (i.e. Spanish Triathlon Federation).


University: we have contributed to develop 3 specific modules in the Faculty of Sport Sciences of Granada (Spain) creating the only University in the world that develops a specific university title in cycling. The modules are Foundations of Cycling, High performance cycling and Specialization in Cycling. Also, we teach in PhD level with the recognized professor as Greg Atkinson in a course focused on Science and Cycling.


Certificated courses: some specific certifications can get following specific courses (Ergonomy in cycling, power coach, or Heart Rate Variability and cycling).


Non formal events: sometimes we attend non formal events like for cycling or triathlon clubs. Knowledge must be opened for everybody.